Maria Cauchi Simpson

  • Company Director
  • Suzanne Ellis

  • Client Liaison
  • John L. Simpson

  • Creative Producer
  • Tim Martin

  • DAS Educational Advisor/ Teacher and Performer
  • Derrick Cox

  • The Really Excellent Design
    Company Designer
  • Performers

    We search the country for the very best professional actor /singer /dancers who love MC-166355430-1performing for children.

    Many of our performers also have worked as professional child carers.

    Apart from their work with Bilby, the performers work in all areas of the entertainment industry including Film, Television, Theatre and Cabaret. Bilby Performers have been seen in; Hi Five, Disney Live, The Wiggles Dorothy the Dinosaur Show, Bananas in Pyjamas Live, Moulin Rouge (the movie), The Phantom of the Opera (Melbourne/London), Les Miserables (Internationally), Anything Goes, The Australian Ballet Company, South Pacific (the Tele movie) Opera Australia, Sydney Theatre Company, Shout, Godspell, Hair, The Bell Shakespeare Company, Wicked...and more.


    At Bilby House we are busy training our performers in the challenging art of children's party entertainment.

    There is a lot to learn. Bilby performers must under go our rigorous training regime, along with learning; songs, scripts, chorography, face painting, balloon sculpting and games, the performers are also trained to understand and recognise the needs of different age groups and special needs children.
    Before they are permitted to conduct Bilby Parties, the performers must pass the Bilby exam, which includes trial parties. Only the very best performers receive the Bilby seal of approval.


    We use a wide variety of exciting music from the Bilby Range plus Top 40 and popular children's groups.

    All Bilby songs, themes and musical games have been composed and orchestrated to delight children. Our original compositions have been heard on Radio, Television, and Theatres across Australia.
    For the past six years David Jones has contracted Bilby to create music for their Christmas events for children's in their stores throughout the country.


    Our Designer Christine Grant works extensively in the Theatre and Film industry. She creates colourful and imaginative costumes especially for Bilby.

    They are designed to extend the children's imagination, lifting them out of the everyday world.


    Our Choreographer Maria Cauchi holds a degree in Performing Arts and has worked with The Australian Opera and Ballet Company as well as performing for Television and many stage productions including The Phantom of the Opera and Anything Goes.

    She has created dances and actions that are fun and easy for the children to pick up.


    Bilby script and stories involve the children in an active way, inviting them to participate and become characters within the story.

    We believe in encouraging children's imagination and empowering them to pursue their dreams and goals.

    Themes often include adventure, friendship and sharing.